Saul Sinderbrand Beth Israel Religious School

Beth Israel Religious School

You want to give your children the meaningful Jewish experiences that will help them shape their own Jewish identity. As a member of Beth Israel, your children attend Beth Israel Religious School, where they’ll learn about Jewish holidays and rituals, explore morals and values, learn about Israel, and study the Hebrew language so they may participate in prayer services as a B’nai Mitzvah and as a Jewish adult.

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Sunday School Reg form 2018

Kindergarten – 6th Grade Program

  • Jewish holidays, including class instruction and assembly programs
  • Hebrew language instruction featuring the Mitkadem program
  • Prayer and liturgy, including exploration of the way prayer is used in Reform Judaism to express our feelings about God
  • A commitment to Mitzvot and Jewish values
  • A connection with the local community, the State of Israel and world Jewry
  • An overview of Jewish history and current events
  • PPEPS program (Parent Parallel Education Program)
  • Special Shabbat services featuring grade level participation, and regular Shabbat attendance

B’nai Mitzvah
Students meet independently with Rabbi Weis and Cantor Larisa to prepare for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Our 10th grade Kulanu students lead the congregation in worship services.

Beyond Beth Israel
Students join the region’s Jewish community at the Kulanu School of Jewish Studies through 11th grade. They also have an opportunity to take a teaching preparation course called Morim in their senior year of high school.